"Instrumental guitar has never sounded so romantic"
Reviewer: Australian Guitar Magazine, Chris Gersbach

Chris Natoli writes and plays on all of the eight tracks on the beautiful One Souls Journey.This is a gentle album with waves of soft melodic tones that let you slip into a state of semi-conscious comfort.Chris has been playing for many years and has been billed with the big names like Robert Cray and the Wailers, but again, this is another man who has not gone the mainstream label route. Instead he has recorded and produced the album locally and put it out off his own back. The peaceful arrangements and virtuosic acoustic guitar helps the listner relax and absorb all the genius that Chris Natoli has to offer. I'm thinking a nice bottle of red, candlelit dinner, the one you love, and this record on the stereo the perfect setting. lnstrumental guitar has never sounded so romantic.


Reviewer: Fred Puhan for Ambient Visions
At times it is easy to forget that ambient music can consist of more than droning, ambling, drifting electronic textures; that conventional instruments and musical concepts can be used to an effective degree to create ambient atmospheres. Such is the case with the very highly personal offering by guitarist Chris Natoli from down under.

One Soul's Journey is a collection of mostly acoustic guitar pieces. Some of the tunes on this CD are Natoli playing unaccompanied guitar, others feature a small backup band consisting of bass, piano, strings and percussion. When I put this CD on the player, the impression that comes to me is that of a small, dark coffee house, where people cluster around small tables and converse in hushed murmurs while the band, on a stage just barely lighted, cranks out tune after tune to mold the atmosphere. One can mentally move the music into the background, but if one chooses to listen closely, will find well-crafted and articulate tunes, played with feeling and grace.

Take, for example, the song Lenny. Written by the late guitar legend, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Natoli and his bandmates transform this piece into a sublime mixture of oozing jazz and melancholy. While sitting at the table, hunched over one's thick expresso, this song might be enough to make one raise one's head as if questioning one's own ears.

Other titles endow this album with its personal character: Song For Arvi, When Darkness Falls, with its plaintive refrain, "Can you feel the pain," and my favorite, Jaron's Lullaby. My wife's son--and thus my stepson--is named Jaron, so this piece resonates with me especially.

Reviews taken from CD BABY [WEBSITE]

5 out of 5 stars - "Beautiful...Absolutely Beautiful"
Reviewer: Craig William Dayton

I first heard Chris Natoli's music on the internet webcast called Nightscapes, hosted by Anne Williams. From that point forward, I knew I needed to buy and hear the entire CD. I was not disappointed in my purchase. I look forward to many more CDs from this wonderful artist.

5 out of 5 stars - "Chris this is just mesmerizing !"
Reviewer: Colin

Chris this is just mesmerizing ! The atmosphere created on this album floats around you like mist rising off a glassy lake. You can't help but have feelings of contemplation and reflection. Here's an album that has some very powerful passages and tension, but doesn't spoil the ambience by jumping in your face, instead remaining cool and sublime in its delivery. Some people express themselves through poetry, some through painting - you've been able to capture your deepest emotions in these extraordinary compositions. In some tracks the sadness is absolutely palpable whilst others are melancholic yet hopeful - brilliant ! I can't wait to hear the next chapter in your journey !

5 out of 5 stars - "Inspirational,soothing to the soul and relaxing on the mind."
Reviewer: Helen

I have listened to it and listened to it and every time it evokes something different in me. I play it when I'm stressed,happy,sad or just in need of background music to accompany me during the tasks of the day. I know I will be listening to it for many years to come. It's priceless and timeless. Thank you for a wonderful gift!!!

5 out of 5 stars - "I could not stop listening to it"
Reviewer: Anne

Dear Chris, Thank-you for sending me your CD One Soul's Journey, I recieved it on Friday and could not stop listening to it. It's Amazing. It's Gorgeous.

5 out of 5 stars - "Very relaxing and a pleasure to listen to"
Reviewer: Sandra

Dear Chris,l wanted to let you know how much l enjoy your albem.l find it very relaxing and a pleasure to listen to.Good luck with your soul's journey,it's a beautiful one,that l'm sure will bring a lot of people pleasure. Sincerely Sandra

5 out of 5 stars - "A beautiful gift in a time of need"
Reviewer: Judith

Dear Chris, thank-you for sharing your beautiful music with me. What a treasured gift it was to receive from a friend in a time of need, so soothing and calming. God Bless.

5 out of 5 stars - "Very sensitve Very beautiful"
Reviewer: Bob

Ciao Chris, grazie tanto for the beautiful CD l think it's not only a journey for one soul but a journey for many soul's. Very sensitive Very beautiful.